The International Billfish Tournament, the longest consecutively held international billfish tournament in the world


With its unique ambiance reminiscent of a traditional European yacht club, Club Náutico de San Juan offers the prestige of an outstanding landmark in San Juan. Come and discover everything that Club Náutico de San Juan has to offer! Arrive and enjoy the easiest way to San Juan's vibrant social life, restaurants, shops, casinos, beaches, and airports, supported by a technologically advanced infrastructure, and excellent marina services. Discover a rich and unique experience!!!

Latitud 18 27 58 North / Longitude 66 05 32 West

Pan Pen International Regatta Photos

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Club Náutico de San Juan
Sailing Academy - Summer 2015

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Medallistas Puertoriqueños en Toronto
Club Náutico de San Juan recauda $47,000 para SER de Puerto Rico

En la foto, de izquierda a derecha, Salvador Egea, Jr., el niño Diego Hernández, Nilda Morales, presidenta de SER de Puerto Rico; Gustavo Hermida, miembro del Junta de SER; Alberto Gual, comodoro del CNSJ, los niños Rafael del Valle y Carianne Encarnación de SER de Puerto Rico y Mickey Tirado del Comité Organizador.

Comunicado de Prensa: Club Náutico de San Juan recauda $47,000 para SER de Puerto Rico

  • 12 de diciembre de 2015 - San Juan Christmas Boat Parade | 5:00 p.m.

  • 23 de enero de 2016 - Pasadía Pesca SER, Pesca Muelle para Niños & Octavitas | 11:00 a.m.

Welcome to the magic, exquisite décor and panoramic views of the ballrooms at Club Náutico de San Juan --the trendiest and most exclusive venue for social activities. Taste our exquisite cuisine, relax in the safety and security of our property and grounds, and soak in the elegance and tradition of Club Náutico de San Juan.

Savvy guests will enjoy the most secure, intimate, and cozy mega-yacht dockage right in the center of San Juan’s cosmopolitan metro area. Amenities include a superb club house, Texaco branded fuel port and many more. Our helpful associates and personnel are eager to assist you!

Our crystalline and transparent waters of the San Antonio Channel, San Juan Bay, invite you to dock at one of our 117 wet slips, available for 30 to 250 feet vessels. Peace of mind, and tranquility on our 24-hour guarded marina premises. Tradition, and prestige… only at Club Naútico de San Juan. (Latitud 18 27 58 North / Longitude 66 05 32 West)